All UHI research in the one place; publications, researcher profiles, acitivity, theses, facilities, repository. content

All UHI research in the one place; publications, researcher profiles, acitivity, theses, facilities, repository.

PURE login

PURE  (PUblication REsearch) acts as our Institutional Repository but is much more than that. It can also store data, additional files, help you create your online research profile, enable us to order, prepare and submit our REF submission and offers the opportunity to report on a host of research activity. For user guides and system information see the dedicated .

PURE provides for us:

• Public visibility of all of the below on the dedicated and university branded UHI Research Database
• Repository for research outputs (publications, films, artwork, books, reports), activities, events, interactions. Display on the UHI Research Database.
• Capture of research impacts information (including the ability to save related case studies)
• Details on research staff (including current and former, student supervision)
• Data organised (and separated) by organisational units (including aggregation of researchers and research outputs related to a particular research unit, network, school or group on the UHI Research Database)
• The ability to mark, order and prepare REF submissions from across the university with workflow and review and direct upload of the entire submission to HEFCE systems.
• Analysis tool for REFresults analysis and comparison
• Equipment, vessels, facilities and services located by organisational units and displayed on the UHI Research Database
• Publishers used and the APC’s paid to publishing houses
• Secure in-house storage (on UHI servers on UHI controlled database) of all of the above in whatever format it is produced (pdf, wmv, mp4, jpeg, zip, tiff and so on)
• Secure in-house storage of entire research datasets, and the ability to make available via the UHI Research Database
• Public visibility (or not) of all of the above on the dedicated and UHI branded Research Database (all items added to the DB can be marked with a visibility of ‘public’).
• All outputs marked ‘public’ are also search engine discoverable, so are trawled by Google, Google Scholar, Bing and ResearchGate – this action is what forms the GS and RG results and listings.
• No collaboration, social or peer finding element to search for researchers working in the same discipline/ area

Who has access to PURE?

In short, staff who are currently or expect in the very near future to be producing research publications. This can be research active staff or research students or research support staff. Research active people have profile information with contact details, biography, research and teaching interests.

There are many levels of access that can be granted to PURE users. Most academic staff will only require access as Personal Users, which allows them to maintain their own profile as well as add, approve or disclaim research outputs as an on-going activity. Further permissions can be granted at department or partnership level in discussion with line managers and the system administrator.

Request a PURE user account

The type of user account that you need for the PURE system will depend on your role within the university; 
Academic Staff: If you are Academic Staff and research active your line manager should have had a user account set up for you.

Research support staff: If you are a research active member of non-academic staff and would like to set up a research profile in PURE please ask your supervisor/manager to make a request to the system administrator.

If you are employed by the university and would like access to PURE you can request access by completing the PURE new user form.