ResearchFish (RF) is an external service outwith the control of UHI but must be used by all PI's to report outcomes from an increasing number of funding bodies. It is a tool used by an increasing number of research funding organisations, replacing the ROS reporting system, specifically to report on research outcomes on a project (or award) basis. The purpose is to enable research funders to track the impacts of their investments and the data uploaded is only visible to the awarding body and the responsible PI. The SFC have now started using RF to gather details of outcomes resulting from their strategic investment grants, which aren’t research-related. The main points are summarised as:

  • On ResearchFish the information is only available to the responsible PI and the body who funded the research, with a limited summary available on the ‘lite’ version to nominated representatives of university research offices.
  • The information is only available publicly in summary on the RCUK/TSB Gateway to Research portal. However, it should be noted that funders can take information out of RF and publish it as they choose. This is why PIs are required to sign a “Principles of Use” statement. PI’s should be very careful not to name names, or upload confidential or commercially sensitive information as once uploaded to RF the funder has complete control over the data. 
  • The information on RF is not discoverable by search engines.
  • Upload of outcome information is restricted to the PI responsible for a research project or a trusted user, but submission of the data must be done by the PI alone.
  • No ability to upload information from a central file or anyone other than the lead PI.
  • Publications mentioned in the outcome reports are not available for download from RF but PIs are being encouraged to supply URLs to e-versions where available - this could point to the PURE record or the publisher record.
  • The only known overlap with PURE is that the outcomes recorded on RF could also be included as impact data on PURE (the difference being on PURE the impacts can be made publicly available, related to people, units or projects or reported on)

There is a good summary of the purpose of the application on the ResearchFish website.

RCUK have also produced a guide to researchers and Research Office staff  - RCUK ResearchFish FAQs