Covering Letters


A covering letter is normally sent alongside a CV in order to introduce yourself and your CV to the employer. A covering letter should:

  • Be addressed to a specific employer.
  • Outline the reason you are writing to them.
  • Identify why you want to work for the employer.
  • Identify why the employer should employ you - this is often done by giving specific details of your relevant experience, skills or knowledge. 


Further information about how to write a Covering Letter is given on our Careers and Employability Centre advice sheet  advice-sheet-covering-letters.pdf. This advice sheet also gives some example covering letters.

Further Help

A full introduction to CV writing can be found in our CVs and Applications Learning Resources available via the Resource Library.

The Careers and Employability Centre can offer current students and recent graduates personalised feedback on their CV and / or covering letter.

The SPEAK TO AN ADVISER service can also be used for other questions about CVs or job applications as well as more general careers advice.