The Careers and Employability Centre is a virtual careers centre that aims to provide all students and recent graduates (within two years) with a full range of careers and employability support.

The 'home' of our service is our website, and we have four members of staff based around the partnership :

  • Nicola Smith, Careers and Employability Team Manager
  • Iain Eisner, Careers Manager
  • Helen Anton, Careers and Employability Officer

All our services are provided centrally, however, we also work closely with our Student Support colleagues based across the partnership.

Our Services to Students and Graduates

We offer :

All services are free and confidential and are delivered in line with our Student and Graduate Entitlement Statement and are delivered in line with the university's Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance policy.

Services for Staff

As a member of staff you are much more likely to be approached by a student looking for careers help in the first instance than a careers professional (British Youth Council, 2009). Knowing how to support your students and where to refer them to is therefore very important. A key part of our role at the Careers and Employability Centre is to help you have the information and resources that you need in order to feel confident and comfortable working with your students.

Find out what we offer to staff on our Tools and Resources page.