Offering student/graduate placements/internships or work experience opportunities


If you are interested in hosting a student placement or internship or offering a work experience opportunity to students we can work with you to develop the opportunity, advertise it, and if required collate applications and support the interview process.

Throughout the placement a named member of our university staff will remain in contact with both you and the student in order to review progress, answer any queries which may arise and ensure a quality experience for everyone involved.

Offering placement or work experience options for students could allow you and your organisation to:

  • deliver specific short term project outputs, achieve short term tasks, gain access to leading edge knowledge, fresh thinking and outlooks
  • run an extended selection process,  build business awareness and reputation across the student body

Our dedicated placement team are available to discuss any queries you may have. To contact them e-mail Nicola Smith or by telephone on 01379 874 209.

Alternatively you can complete and submit our Expression of Interest Form and a member of staff will contact you directly.

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