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How do I become a..?

If you have a particular career in mind then it is important to research what these jobs involve and how you can get into them.

  • What does the job actually involve?
  • What are the entry requirements?
  • Do I need to do further training?
  • What kind of work experience would be helpful?
  • Where can I find job vacancies?

You can check these details in several ways.

Careers Databases

Check the qualifications, skills and experience needed for different jobs by looking up job titles in a careers database. Two very good databases are:

Information Interviewing

Another good tip is to speak to people in careers you are interested in and ask for their advice on how to get into their kind of line of work. This approach is called 'information interviewing' and it helps you find out what the work is like, find out inside information, and also provides you with a good network of contacts. Find out more about networking on our networking pages.

Speak to a Careers Adviser

A Careers Adviser can tell you what skills and qualifications you need for different jobs. They can also give you personalised advice and feedback to help you work out the best pathway for you.

Further Information

More details about these methods of research are available on the Careers and Employability Centre's Researching Careers advice sheet.

You can also learn more about career research by accessing the 'Career Research' Learning Resources available via the Resource Library.