Options with a degree


After studying for an ordinary or honours degree you can either choose to continue your studies, enter work, or do something different.

Entering Work

Once you have graduated from a degree you can look for:

  • A graduate job or training scheme: this is a job or scheme that specifically states you must have a degree to apply. Most of these jobs do not require a degree in a particular subject. Some jobs require an honours degree rather than an ordinary degree.
  • A job that uses your skills and knowledge: many jobs will not specifically ask for a degree, but may ask for skills and knowledge that you have developed as part of your studies.
  • An internship or placement: these are short fixed term opportunities that allow you to build up relevant work experience. Sometimes students will go on to gain full time employment with the placement provider, but at other times graduates may move on to different employers having gained valuable skills and experience from their placement.

Further Study

Instead of seeking work, some graduates will choose to progress to further study. Commonly for ordinary degree holders this will involve progressing to honours (and on some occasions postgraduate level study); and for honours students this will involve progressing to a postgraduate qualifications.

It is important for students to be aware that they may need to progress to honours level study or postgraduate study if they want to work in certain professions. Students can check if what qualifications are required for different professions by looking at a jobs database, such as that provided by prospects or myworldofwork.

It is also important when considering further study to be aware that postgraduate courses are not funded in the same way as undergraduate courses, and that seeking funding can be more complicated because of this. Further information can be found on our Further Study pages

Other Options

Some graduates will choose other options such as taking a year out, self employment or volunteering.

Further Information

  • Interactive Learning Resources on 'understanding your options' are available from the centre - find out how to access these on the 'Resource Library' pages.
  • Careers and Employability Centre Advice Sheet: advice-sheet-options-with-a-degree.pdf
  • You can find out what other graduates from the University of the Highlands and Islands went on to do on the case studies pages.
  • The job search pages give details of where to look for work.