Graduate Placements


Graduate placements or internships are short fixed term opportunities of usually 6 months to a year long.

You need to hold specific qualifications (usually a degree, but sometimes HNC or HND qualifications) in order to be eligible to apply.

Why do a placement?

Getting into a graduate level job can be tough. Competition is fierce, especially in popular positions. Increasingly graduate employers expect to recruit people with a degree and relevant experience and one key way to get this experience is through doing a placement.

Some employers use placement schemes almost like extended interviews - allowing the graduate to 'try out' the company, and the company to see the graduate's ability. Although not all companies offering placements will be able to offer permanent employment at the end of a placement, it is worth remembering that some do and therefore creating a good impression is important.

Where do I find a placement?

There are a number of placement schemes such as Scotgrad. Our jobs database advertises placements from these schemes alongside other opportunities. We also advertise particularly relevant vacancies on our Facebook Careers & Alumni Page and Twitter CareerCentre account.

You may also find placements advertised by individual companies - so check the websites of companies you are interested in. 

Competition for placements can be fierce, so make sure you get feedback on your application form, CV and interview techniques, before you apply.

Placement Stories

If you're not sure about whether or not a placement is for you, why not read about the experience of some previous University of the Highlands and Islands' students who have undertaken graduate placements?