Options with a Postgraduate Qualification


Studying for a postgraduate qualification gives you:

  • High level specialist knowledge and skills
  • A higher level qualification

Once you have graduated from your qualification you may find work where either your skills or your qualification are beneficial.

Depending on the nature of your qualification different options may be open to you. Some postgraduate qualifications are highly vocational in nature and may lead to specific careers (e.g. the postgraduate diploma in education). Other courses may give you a specific skill set or knowledge base - e.g. management skills or knowledge in Highlands and Islands Culture and this may guide the kind of work you look for.

For some Masters students, and many PhD students the development of specialist research skills and a specialist knowledge base means that the following are popular options:

  • 'Academic' careers: lecturing and research
  • Specialist posts: consultancy and advice

However, it is worth remembering that lots of postgraduate students go on to enter graduate jobs and training schemes as well. In these cases your qualification may be higher than that required for the job, but as competition for these posts can be very high, holding a higher level qualification may help to put you ahead of the competition.

You can find out more about your options from the following sources:

Often postgraduate student have advanced specialist knowledge and connections. This means that many students find work through their networks and contacts. Further information about how to maximize your networking potential is given on the networking pages of our website.

Further Information

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