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Arts, humanities and social sciences

Arts, humanities and social sciences graduates can be found in a wide range of professions.

The national annual report 'what do graduates do?' shows you what graduates from the arts and humanities, and from social science went on to do.

Graduates from arts, humanities and social sciences may be united by a particular interest in people and culture. Often there are certain jobs that might appeal, such being a teacher, a psychologist, or an archaeologist. However there are lots of other possibilities as about 60% of graduate jobs are open to graduates from any discipline, so graduates can also be found in other contexts such as business and management. There is a database of graduate jobs on the prospects website where you can look up different kinds of jobs and find out about entry requirements, pay scales, training and where to find work.  

Also on the prospects site are a range of information sheets for different subject areas outlining potential career options related to those subject areas. The following information sheets may be particularly interesting to graduates from the arts humanities and social sciences:


Graduate profiles

If you're wondering what other people did after graduating from courses in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences why not look at our graduate profiles?