Making the most of experience

Once you have secured useful experience it is important that you make the most of the opportunity. Once key way of doing this is by engaging in reflective practice. Reflective practice means regularly thinking about and reflecting on your experience in order to help develop your ideas for the future.

In terms of career development reflecting on your experience at work, on your course, and in your extracurricular activities can help you:

  • Build awareness of your strengths and your skills and build awareness of what you enjoy doing: both of which are invaluable in identifying what jobs would suit you
  • Identify areas for your personal and professional development: which is important to help you identify goals as part of planning your development.
  • Develop awareness of opportunities in the workplace or elsewhere: which is a key part of careers research.
  • Identify useful opportunities or contacts: which is a very important part of networking.

Reflective practice is therefore a very important activity in career development. You can read more about reflective practice and have a go at some activities on the Careers and Employabiltiy Centre's advice sheet advice-sheet-reflective-practice.pdf

You may also like to access our 'Career Development and Management' Learning Resources (available in our Resource Library) for a more complete introduction to the topic.

Speaking to a Careers Adviser can also help you to review and reflect on your experiences and on your options for the future.