Work placements are a specific kind of work experience.

They are normally short, structured work experience opportunities which may be:

  • Organised as part of your studies: for example as part of a work experience or placement module or a longer 'sandwich' placement.
  • Offered by companies outwith your studies: for example many companies run summer placement or internship programmes for current students.
  • Offered by companies or organisations once you have graduated from your course: more information about these options is available on our graduate placements pages.

Why are placements useful?

Placements are useful because they tend to offer higher level experience (i.e. more suitable for people with graduate skills) than most part time jobs will offer. Placements may also be more likely to offer relevant experience at both a level and in a subject that is relevant to you, your course and your career plans.

Although you may be lucky and secure part time work that is relevant to you and your studies, for most students seriously considering a placement is important as they can be a useful 'stepping stone' into relevant graduate-level work. Another use of placements is that employers sometimes recruit ex-placement students for full time work once their course is finished. 

Where can I find a placement?

Placement stories

To find out more about the value of placements, why not check out our placement case studies to hear the stories of previous university students who have undertaken placements.