Kayleigh Macdonald

Currently in 1st year studying BA Child and Youth Studies at West Highland College in Fort William.


Placement experience

I did my placement whilst studying towards the HNC Early Education and Childcare.  It was set up via my course with my tutor emailing where the placement would be, what dates I would need to attend and whom I would be working with whilst on placement.

My responsibilities whilst on placement were the same as a PSA (Pupil Support Assistant).  I was to be there to assist and support the children in whatever way they needed.  The most valuable thing I learnt whilst on placement was that every child learns different therefore I had to be able to create ways which were unique to each child to support their learning style.  It showed me just how important these things are to both the children and myself


Impact on future careers aims

My placement experience helped me to develop the skills required to pursue a career in this area and it opened up the opportunity for me to go back to the school this year to become a PSA. It will help me with my career aims as I need to be able to work effectively with children and this has helped me to work alongside the children whilst getting to know them.



Yes, definitely!  I thoroughly enjoyed working with both the staff and the children.  As well as getting to work with the children, it helped me understand how to put what we have learnt on our course into practice.  It makes all the essays and textbook work worth it in the end.  I enjoyed every moment of my placement.