Lewis Melloy

Currently in 1st year studying HNC Coaching and Developing Sport (Indoor) at Perth College UHI

Placement experience

I did my placement at Perth Grammar School in the PE Department.  As part of my course you had to carry out 40 hours of volunteering to pass the work experience outcome. It was my responsibility to get in touch with the organisation and see if they were able to accommodate me for the duration of the time. I could either carry out my 40 hours in the week that was allocated for work experience or through doing a couple of hours a week over the duration of the year, whichever option suited best.

This was relevant as it is a career I would like to pursue in the future and it was a great experience to see the roles and responsibilities you would have as a P.E teacher. This also gave me more experience coaching children at a range of different ages and abilities and also those who have additional support needs.

My main responsibilities were to shadow the P.E teachers throughout their classes and help with anything that needed to be done during this time. This could involve taking half the class for the sport being taught, refereeing or just being an extra pair of hands to help out.

The most valuable part of the experience is I learned how to deal with children who have additional support needs.  In particular how to ensure they understand what you are asking them to do.

Impact on future careers aims

As this is an industry I would like to enter, I now feel more confident when demonstrating or giving instructions in front of a large amount of pupils.  I now know how to adapt or change a session at the last minute due to space limitations or changing weather conditions, resulting in working with the rest of the staff to try and come up with another plan that suits everyone.


I would definitely recommend this to other students as I gained a massive amount of knowledge within the industry. This also gave me insight into the career that I want to pursue and after doing this work experience it made up my mind that I am definitely going down the right career.

If I could share a tip, it would be to get in touch with the organisation as soon as possible as there may be other people wanting to go to the same place.