Mark Conchar

Gordon Castle

Currently in 4th year studying a BA (Hons) in Business and Management at Inverness College.


Placement experience

I did my placement with Gordon Castle in Fochabers where my main responsibilities were to recruit traders, franchises and entertainment for the Gordon Castle Highland Games and Country Fair that took place in May 2015.  I was expected to contact various businesses within a variety of sectors and try to persuade them to become part of the event.  Business meetings were regular as the infrastructure and planning that was required to execute such an event was on a very large scale.  The position varied and some of the duties included going on courses, attend business planning meetings and the Moray Tourism summit, partaking in lots of the admin involved in the planning and set up, design the site maps and help to distribute fliers and poster to local businesses to promote the event.  Every day the office had a new challenge and it was a very enjoyable experience.


Impact on future careers aims

The position required an individual with knowledge of marketing an event.  As my course of study features a strong marketing pathway, I felt more than qualified to apply for the position and put into practice what I had learned in years one and two of the degree. 

I learned how to start my own business.  As my wages came through Event Scotland, it was required that I was self-employed and I saw this as an opportunity to begin a marketing services firm.  As I opted to follow the marketing pathway within my degree it was always something I intended to do anyway.  However, the business is on hold at the moment as I need to fully focus on my dissertation in 4th year.  But I will return to it when I graduate.



I would certainly recommend that students do a placement.  As lectures and studies are more of a theoretical nature, it is therefore a fantastic opportunity to put the skills and theory that you have learned into practice whilst it’s still fresh.  It also looks great from an employer’s point of view as you have demonstrated that you are both capable to produce and eager to further your career.