Planning Your Development

If you are trying to decide what you should do next in terms of finding experience or developing your skills, you may find it useful to try planning your next steps.

Planning is a crucial step between generating ideas and taking action. Planning is a structured process which involves:

  1. Goal setting
  2. Reviewing your options
  3. Planning some actions and setting some targets
  4. Reviewing your plan

More details on these steps, and some activities to help you develop your own plan are available on our Career Planning advice sheet.  

Planning through your career

Planning is an important part of self development: for effective career development we should always be reflecting on our experiences and our goals and planning for the future. This helps us to react to changes in our workplace, and our own changing priorities.

While you are a student you may be familiar with planning through 'personal development planning'. When you enter the workplace you are likely to be involved in regular appraisal and planning sessions with your employer too. On top of these formal processes, undertaking your own planning and reflection can be very helpful.

Further information

You can find out more on our Career Planning advice sheet.

You may also like to refer to our pages on making the most of your experience for information about reflecting on and reviewing your experience.

A full introduction to planning and reflecting for your career development is available in our 'Career Development and Management' Learning Resources available in our Resource Library.

Remember that you can also discuss your career ideas and progression with our careers adviser, students and graduates (within two years of graduation) can submit an enquiry through our speak to an adviser service.