If you were going to employ someone would you be more likely to employ someone you knew and trusted or someone who you didn’t know?

Building a network of contacts can help you:

  • Find out about different jobs and what they involve
  • Find out what different companies are looking for, and who might be recruiting
  • Get known in your field 

Each year, almost a third of graduates from the University of the Highlands and Islands secure work through personal contacts, or previous employers, so building a strong network is likely to really help you when it comes to finding work.

What is networking? 

Networking is really just about talking to people, finding out about an industry or company and making a good impression. It’s as easy as that!

In order to develop a strong network it is helpful to think about the kinds of people, industries or employers you would find useful to make contact with, and then identify how you can do this. It is also useful to follow some basic guidelines when you make contact with people, such as making sure you have done some research and always being polite and positive.

For many people developing an effective network also requires developing an effective online presence through social media such as Linkedin or Twitter.

You can find out more about how to build a network on our advice-sheet-networking.pdfadvice sheet and through the 'Networking' learning resources which are accessible through our Resources page. The sheet and resources also contains a range of activities to help you review and extend your network.