Research Employers

When looking for work, it is a good idea to identify key employers who you might like to work for. What employers interest you will depend on the kind of job you are looking for and what area you wish to work in. You may find the following helpful:

  • Information on local businesses can normally be found through your local paper and local advertising. Local papers can normally be found in your local library.
  • Information on large organisations with established graduate training schemes can be found through the prospects employers list, targetjobs and the Times Top 100.


Make sure you check the employers' websites to find out more about the company. Also check for vacancy information - companies will normally display current vacancies on their website, and if there are no current vacancies may give you an indication of how or when they intend to recruit again.

Checking current or previous job descriptions for vacancies at a company is a useful way of finding out what kind of person they recruit and for what kind of role. If there is a role you are particularly interested in, see if you can find an old / current vacancy and look for details of the knowledge, skills and experience they expect candidates to have (this kind of information is often contained on a person specification). Comparing this list to your current knowledge, skills and experience will help you identify any gaps you may need to fill.

University of the Highlands and Islands - some key employers

In addition, to the national lists of employers, and the details of local employers, the Careers and Employability Centre is collecting case studies from local employers that you might be interested in. Our current case studies are given below.

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