Green Week 2023


UHI Green Week | Seachsain Uaine | 2023 | 30 Jan - 3 Feb | 30 Faoill - 3 Gearr

Green Week ran from Monday, 30th January to Friday, 3rd February 2023.  A joint event between UHI and HISA, the focus for the week was around Green Health and Sustainable Living, intersecting between the environmental and cost-of-living challenges that we face and the connection with our health and wellbeing.

Green Week provides an opportunity for us all to reflect on the way we live and to think about the steps we can take to live more sustainably, helping both the planet and our pockets.

A wide-range of events and activities took place across UHI campuses and online throughout the week. Take a look at our Green Week Wrap Up video and view some of the resources and outputs from the week via the links below.

Operation Wallacea Virtual Talk content

Operation Wallacea Virtual Talk

Operation Wallacea Virtual Talk

Operation Wallacea delivered a virtual talk for those interested in gaining real life experience in wildlife conservation. The talk highlighted the range of work and projects that Operation Wallacea are involved in and how students could potentially get involved in their expeditions, internationally and within the UK.

Find out more about Operation Wallacea's Expeditions and view a recording of the talk.

Blog Posts content

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Project Work content

Project Work

Project Work

Students from the Community Link programme at UHI Inverness undertook a project as part of their art and design unit to create posters to promote Green Week. Students responded to the theme of biodiversity, and spent time in the wellbeing garden doing sketches of wildlife. They created a collaborative lino print poster along with individual posters where they each chose a green goal.

Students from the Skillsbuilder 3 class at UHI Inverness undertook a project investigating the birds found on campus, learning more about them and creating presentations and posters to showcase what they discovered. They also made some snacks of fruit and seeds for the birds to enjoy too.

Top Tips on Living More Sustainably content

Top Tips on Living More Sustainably

Our UHI Green Champions provided some top tips on how to live more sustainably:

Constantly challenge yourself -

  • Do I need to buy this, if so, does it need to be new?
  • Can this be re-used in any way?
  • Can this be recycled, and if so what do I need to do to ensure it is?
  • Is this being wasteful, how can I limit my use of resources?
  • Is this journey necessary, if so how can I minimise its footprint?

Make one small change at a time, whether it's carrying your own reusable cup or unplugging chargers when they're not in use, because all the little changes will add up to make a big difference. There are often cost saving benefits to living more sustainably too, which means you can save money and the planet at the same time.

Use a carbon footprint calculator to see what your carbon footprint actually is. It's a really useful tool to help you assess where you are, (sometimes you might even be doing better than you think you are!) and it provides useful suggestions to help you reduce your environmental impact in the areas where you need some help.

I like to use a bamboo toothbrush morning and night as I am reminded that the small impacts add up and I am reminded about the benefits of taking action.

Most towns have their own eco shop now that will source local products that benefit the local economy up to 5 times greater than buying from national chains.

Competitions content


UHI ran a Connect with Nature: Photo Scavenger Hunt to promote the benefits of being outdoors and connecting with nature.

This video brings together selected images from the students and staff who took part in the competition.