UHI Green Champions Network

Become a UHI Green Champion and join a network of like-minded people across UHI helping to promote more sustainable behaviours and practice within our campuses, communities and in our personal lives. content

Become a UHI Green Champion and join a network of like-minded people across UHI helping to promote more sustainable behaviours and practice within our campuses, communities and in our personal lives.

Green champions network | Lionra Churaidhean Uaine

What’s involved?

The network is open to all students and staff who want to work together to help make positive changes across the UHI community.

As a UHI Green Champion you will act as a champion for sustainability and the environment, helping to raise awareness about the impact of climate change and the steps that can be taken to help achieve net zero through identifying opportunities for improvement.

  • Student Green Champions will have influencing reach across the UHI community through raising awareness with students on their course, on campus, and within residencies.
  • Staff can champion sustainability and the environment through their work, at department and campus level, and through teaching on their course.

All Green Champions will help to promote regional and local sustainability initiatives and events; run, support, or take part in relevant activities where they can; share green practice; and lead by example to inspire others.

What are the benefits?

  • Connect with like-minded people from across UHI via a dedicated Green Champions MS Teams workspace.
  • Receive information about various internal and external initiatives, events and opportunities via email.
  • Attend Green Champions Network meetings held online once a semester.
  • A great way to find out more about what UHI is doing to improve its environmental performance.
  • An opportunity to learn and increase your knowledge of sustainability, as well as helping to build confidence to take action.
  • Benefits personal and professional development and can be referenced on your CV and LinkedIn page.

Read below some testimonials from past and present Green Champions:

Nadja-Maurina Korner content

Nadja-Maurina Korner

Nadja-Maurina Korner

I joined the UHI Green Champions Network when I started my BSc in 2020 and it has been an absolute pleasure to work together with like-minded people to create change in our local communities and Scotland-wide!

The network not only helped me to gain new knowledge on environmental topics but also supported my own business in promoting plant-based nutrition and healthy eating across the UHI campuses.

Together we can make change happen to tackle the climate crisis - it would be wonderful if you could be part of it too!

Nadja-Maurina Korner, BSc Integrative Healthcare student, UHI Moray

Ellen Grieve content

Ellen Grieve

Ellen Grieve

Ellen GrieveBeing part of the network of UHI Green Champions has enabled me to increase my own awareness and knowledge of local and Global sustainability issues.

I feel privileged to live, work and study in the inspirational Highlands and Islands and the larger this network of students and staff is, the more able we will be to effect change, to preserve and care for our surrounding environment.

Events like ‘Green Week’ help us to be part of a focussed, cohesive voice to share this awareness and act effectively on behalf of future generations.  The more supporters we have, the louder this voice will be.

Ellen Grieve, MA Music and the Environment student

Dr Eilidh MacPhail content

Dr Eilidh MacPhail

Dr Eilidh MacPhail

Being part of the UHI movement for sustainability is a great way to help bring about change and connect with other like-minded people across the university.

Whether you’re studying online or on campus, you can get involved in local projects, UHI wide campaigns, and events such as Green Week, helping to make the university, our campuses and our communities better prepared for a more sustainable future.

Dr Eilidh MacPhail, Programme Leader BSc Sustainable Development

Bonnie Zhu content

Bonnie Zhu

Bonnie Zhu

Being part of the Green Champions Network has hugely benefited my personal and professional development. It has offered an open platform to network with professionals from different sectors and initiate my own projects with full support of my peers. Being part of this group has increased my confidence and honed my skills to tackle climate-related issues.

Bonnie Zhu, HISA Campus Cycling Intern 2021/22