Green Week


Green week 1-5 November 2021

Green Week 2021 was organised by the university's Environment and Sustainability Group in partnership with HISA.  The event ran from 1st to 5th November to coincide with the first week of COP26, which saw world leaders come together in Glasgow for the biggest international summit on climate change held to date.

Green Week provided an opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues and the importance of sustainability, whilst encouraging everyone to think about the actions they could take in their day-to-day lives to be a little greener!

To support everyone in making positive changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle a new Green Resources Hub was launched.

A programme of online sessions were ran throughout the week and the recordings of these can be found below, along with the videos and blogs that were promoted during Green Week.   

Session recordings content

Session recordings

Session recordings

Sustainability in the marine sector

Presentation by Annabel Lawrence, Lecturer on the Marine and Coastal Tourism degree at West Highland College UHI.  This presentation discusses the Marine sector in Scotland and how marine tourism is developing a framework to help marine tourism operators transition to sustainable models. The session showcases examples of how host communities are developing initiatives that can support eco-tourism and help with the climate crisis through biodiversity restoration and sea wilding.

Watch the recording

Community empowerment driving a sustainable future: A student story

Presentation by Adele Lidderdale, MSc Sustainable Rural Development student and Orkney Islands Council's Climate Change Officer.  This session tells Adele’s story, highlighting her journey working in the renewables industry to being the proprietor of Orkney’s first Zero Waste shop.  The session demonstrates the opportunities that can arise and how we can all play a role in tackling the climate crisis together.

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Sustainable diet: healthy people, healthy planet

Presentation by Rhonda Noone, dietitian and lecturer in nutrition at Perth College UHI.  This session explored the effects of our food supply chain and waste on our environment; looking at what a sustainable diet could look like and providing practical tips to enable us to be more conscious consumers.

Please note that due to a technical error, the presentation slides only appear on the recording around 18 mintues in. 

Watch the recording | Sustainable diet presentation

How to shop more sustainably and ethically in the fast fashion world

Presentation by Rachael Bews, UHI Alumni and founder/director of ALICAS and NuCoton.  This session provided an overview of Rachael's career journey and discusses the importance of creating ethical and sustainable businesses. Rachael provides an insight into the fashion industry, highlighting the dangers of overproduction and consumption and the negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment, as well as sharing tips for how we can all reduce our impact on the environment through thinking differently about our clothes and shopping more responsibly.

Watch the recording | Fast fashion presentation

A Just Transition for the Highlands and Islands

Presentation by Magnus Davidson, Research Associate at the Environmental Research Institute, North Highland College UHI.  This presentation looks at the resources available within the Highlands and Islands region and asks how they could be used to achieve a Just Transition against the backdrop of land inequality, globalised energy markets and companies, and at times conflicting government policy. Magnus examines these issues against the Climate Justice Alliance Just Transition Principles and suggests a number of key recommendations, as well as provocating how the university can help play a role in achieving a Just Transition for the region.

Watch the recording

'Grow Your Own': Transition Turriefield Workshop

Penny Armstrong from Transition Turriefield in Shetland provides an insight into their reduced fossil fuel approach to providing fresh local food in a remote rural community. As well as considering the carbon cutting benefits of local food, Penny shares their knowledge and skills to help more people grow their own.

Watch the recording | Transition Turriefield Presentation

Videos, Blogs and more: content

Videos, Blogs and more:

Videos, Blogs and more:

It’s happening now – video by Adele Lidderdale, MSc Sustainable Rural Development student. This video was created as part of the A.R.C Challenge Malaysia VISION Project.

A Just Transition – video by Magnus Davidson, Research Associate at the Environmental Research Institute, NHC UHI. This video was created as part of the Next Gen Climate Leaders project.

Food Does Not Need to Cost the Earth – blog post by Nadja Korner, BSc Integrative Healthcare student.

HISA Adventure Trails video from the Think Health, Think Nature Project.

Interview with Sustainable Development Society member, Arlene du Preeze by Society President, Corinne Ferguson.

Photographs from the Scalloway Beach Clean organised by the Shetland Students' Green Team for Green Week. 

Video created by the Community Link students at Inverness College UHI who carried out a species survey on campus as part of a project to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity and habitat conservation. 

Photographs from the campus litter pick organised by the Skillsbuilder 2 students from Inverness College UHI.

Video Interview with Shetland Students' Green Team content

Video Interview with Shetland Students' Green Team

A video interview with Shetland Students Green Team. Learn more about the Green Team and get top tips on how to set up your own Green Team at your campus.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a world-wide call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The 17 Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Environment and Sustainability Group support the Sustainable Development Goals and Green Week activities were mapped against the Goals to demonstrate the impact of the week in helping to address the goals. 

3 good health and well-being4 Quality Education13 Climate action

We really value your feedback. If you would like to share your thoughts on any aspect of Green Week 2021 please contact us.