Farquhar Forbes

Highland Theological College UHI Student of the Year


Farquhar was the very worthy winner of the Highland Theological College UHI Student of the Year award in their 20th anniversary year. Farquhar produced work of exceptional quality throughout the duration of his studies and graduated with a first class honours degree in Theological Studies. He represented the students on committees at various levels within Highland Theological College and the University of the Highlands and Islands, always making helpful, thoughtful and significant contributions on their behalf and diligently feeding back information to them.

Being a candidate in training for full-time ministry, he had to produce a significant amount of work for the Church of Scotland in addition to his degree studies. He balanced his workload with all the demands of a busy family life and various commitments in his local church.


Picture: Farquhar Forbes, BA (Hons) Theological Studies, Highland Theological College College UHI