Cameron Grant

Lews Castle College UHI student of the year

BA (Hons) Applied Music

Cameron Grant is a musician on the BA applied music degree course and was nominated for the award of student of the year of Lews Castle College UHI for his exceptional contribution to the student community, to the local community in the Outer Hebrides and to the wider community of music students across the Highlands and Islands.  Cameron has recently completed his second year of study and has demonstrated a high level of musical talent, motivation and entrepreneurial spirit putting a huge amount of energy into starting and developing what has become already a very successful venture in the ‘South Uist Folk Club’.  Outwith his studies, he was successful in securing start-up funding from music organisation ‘Hands up for Trad’ through Creative Scotland.

In his first season of touring, Cameron has secured high profile acts from within the UK music scene – not just Scotland – exposing his local community and students to professional acts they may never have otherwise heard live.  He also encourages fellow music students to come and visit Uist and gain performance experience as warm-up acts.  Cameron was invited to perform and network at the Celtic Colours festival in Cape Breton, October 2016, and was a wonderful ambassador for the college.  He has developed opportunities for visiting professional musicians and for his fellow students across the colleges of the University of the Highlands and Islands.