Steven MacLeod

NAFC Marine Centre UHI student of the year


HNC Nautical Science

Steven MacLeod, from the Isle of Lewis, was awarded the prize of student of the year of NAFC Marine Centre UHI in summer 2016.  He is about to enter his final year of training as deck cadet and will return to NAFC Marine Centre UHI in November 2016 to complete his studies towards the Deck Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency, following a very successful sea phase with Northlink Ferries.  He was nominated for the award by one of his course lecturers, Shubham Chowdhury, due to his academic and personal achievement.

Shubham said: “Steven has been an exemplary student in every way and his commitment to his new career and returning to learning a few years after leaving school is to be commended.  He took all the changes, as well as being the oldest in his class, in his stride and demonstrated great patience along with a guiding hand of common sense to many of his fellow students.  Steven is a brilliant example to others of being able to achieve your ambitions with a little bit of life change, even for just a short period of time.  Nautical staff found him a pleasure to teach and he was always very respectful to staff members – which is also true of everybody he encounters”.