Student Panel


Information on the Student Panel (COVID-19)

The Student Panel is a group of students set up to gather feedback on changes implemented as a result of COVID-19, and to gather student views on potential new changes to learning and teaching methods.

This virtual group of students may be called upon from time to time to comment on these changes. They receive details of proposals in advance of the main student body, and have an opportunity to give their views so these can be considered by the University. Consultation is usually by email, although there may also be opportunities to occasionally join a focus group (conducted by video conference), if members wish.  

Time commitment is minimal and students are welcome not to participate in a consultation should they be unable to, but are welcome to remain on the Panel for future consultations. Consultations occur throughout the academic year, as required. 

If you would like to know more, or be part of the Panel and share your experiences of studying at this time please email Kevin at to register their interest.

If there is anything you would like to consult students on, please email student engagement at the above email.