Moving in to higher education

Independent learning

Students in higher education are expected to develop in to independent learners. This may mean that you have to make changes to the way that you study. Being an independent learner involves:

  • Studying outside of class For every hour that you have a timetabled class expect to spend three hours in private study.
  • Managing your own time You’ll have to find a balance between study, family, paid work and any other commitments. Attendance at classes and adequate private study is needed if you want to pass the course so make sure you’re not taking on too much.
  • Reading widely Read books and articles that are not on the reading list and use the information you find to expand your knowledge and help you with assessments.
  • Writing your own notes Not all of the information you need for your course will necessarily be found on hand-outs or in the course text books. You should expect to write notes in lessons, and take notes from any books you read.
  • Finding out, not expecting to be told At UHI students are treated like the adults that they are, so staff won’t necessarily remind you of any deadlines or nag you if you haven’t handed things in on time. All the information you need will be in your course handbook.
  • Learning, not being taught.


How is my course organised?

How much study is expected?