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The first few weeks


This is a usually one or two-day face to face event which happens the week before teaching starts. It is your introduction to UHI, your course and your campus. Depending on how and where you are studying, you may be invited to one or more induction events:

  • You will be invited to induction at the campus where you are registered.
  • If you are studying at a Learning Centre you will also be invited to a local induction.
  • If you are studying remotely; either online or based at a different campus, wherever possible, you will be invited to meet for induction with tutors and other students on your course.

You should attend all of the relevant induction events as these are invaluable opportunities for you to gain useful information and also to meet other students and staff. It’s important to find out about and meet people from your course AND the place that you’ll be studying; and with students at UHI, often these are different places! You’ll receive your timetable and other essential information during your induction.

Although attendance at induction is highly recommended (and compulsory on some courses) we do realise that circumstances sometimes prevent students from attending. Your tutors will make every effort to ensure you have the information you need and this website will help you get to know more about UHI and our services which will help you now and throughout your course.


This is a term that means enrolling at UHI and getting your student ID card. Usually a slot is given over during the induction period to allow students to matriculate and for ID cards to be issued.

Meeting your personal academic tutor

Every student at UHI is allocated a personal academic tutor (PAT) who is there to help them through their studies. PATs are members of teaching staff and, where possible, your PAT will be teaching on your course, or have some expertise in your area of study. If this is not possible, don’t worry. All PATs are experienced teachers and will be able to help you with all aspects of studying. You’ll normally meet your PAT during induction and you’re expected to meet at least twice more during the academic year.

First week of teaching

Classes begin on 08 September 2014 and you’re straight in to learning. You should know where and when your classes are from the timetable received at induction but if you’re unsure, ask someone. Your Personal Academic Tutor is a good place to start, or someone from student support.