Swine flu

Guidance for UHI students

The following advice applies to UHI students. It should be read in conjunction with any advice/information provided by students’ host UHI and/or enrolling academic partner.

General precautions

  1. Make sure you re registered with a local doctor, especially if you have moved into the area to study.
  2. If you live alone, arrange with a ‘buddy’ to check with you daily that you are well.

Avoiding infection

  1. Follow government advice regarding the use of tissues and personal hygiene – especially regular hand washing. See NHS 24 website for more information.
  2. Wherever possible, disinfect shared equipment before use (eg telephones, computer key boards, video conference remote controls, etc) with suitable wipes and/or sprays.

If you think you may have swine flu

  1. If you are suffering from the symptoms of swine flu, stay at home. For guidance regarding symptoms see NHS 24 website or use the self help guide.
  2. If you are at college and you display symptoms, go home.
  3. Consult your GP or NHS Direct for guidance regarding treatment.

If someone in your household has swine flu

  1. If you are not displaying swine flu symptoms you should go to your college or learning centre as usual.

Continuing your studies/information

  1. Wherever possible, contingencies will be put in place to allow you to continue with your studies should your college or learning centre be closed and/or your tutors are absent due to swine flu.
  2. Information updates will be posted on the UHI website (with a link from the home page) and will be distributed to student UHI email accounts.
  3. Students should also check host and/or enrolling UHI academic partner websites for information specific to their location and/or course.
  4. If you do not have home access to the web and email, please agree with your module tutor(s) as to how they may communicate with you should you be absent due to sickness.

Changes to course schedules and assessment

  1. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to re-schedule study programmes and or make changes to assessment arrangements.
  2. Any such changes will be notified to student UHI e-mail accounts.
  3. If you do not have home access to the internet, you should make alternative arrangements for communication with your host UHI academic partner or learning centre.



  1. The impact of swine flu on programmes of study may be considered by exam boards as both general and specific mitigation.
  2. You should maintain records and evidence (eg medical certificate) if you believe that your studies have been affected.
  3. In considering specific mitigation due to, for example, college or learning centre closure and/or tutor absence, exam boards will take into account the extent to which students followed the guidance contained in this document regarding making alternative study arrangements.
  4. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to defer a module or unit to the following semester.

For signposting to other information sources regarding swine flu see Directgov website.