Accessing learner support


Support at your campus

There is a student support contact at every university Academic Partner who can provide access to a range of services. Learner support available at campuses includes:

  • Pre-entry guidance
  • Provision of general advice and information
  • Submission of Disabled Students’ Allowance claims for non-medical personal helpers and/or assistive technology
  • Assessing academic support needs
  • Assessing access to alternative assessment arrangements
  • Help with assessment for dyslexia
  • Help in organising personal support (e.g. note takers)
  • Liaison with external agencies, where appropriate
  • Help with arranging learning support
  • Access to, and demonstrations of, specialist software and equipment
  • Arranging appropriate access to campus buildings/parking/facilities

Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP)

Students who disclose a disability whilst at the university will have an opportunity to have their needs assessed by student services staff at their enrolling college, and to set up a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP) as required. A PLSP, and its Summary of Support section in particular, details the support measures that are approved for you in light of how your specific disclosed needs impact on your current studies.

Should you have any issues with any aspect of your approved PLSP, you should contact student services staff at your enrolling college in the first instance. You can also provide feedback via the Red Button and the university’s complaints process is available as an option of last resort.

Disabled Students’ Allowance

The university is validated by the Scottish Government to conduct needs assessments for UHI students wishing to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance. If you think you may be eligible to claim DSA, a member of support services staff at your partner college will be pleased to discuss this with you. Further information is also available from the university's own DSA page.

Dyslexia sticker scheme

The university runs a dyslexia sticker scheme to ensure that the work of diagnosed students is assessed in a way which neither penalises nor compensates for dyslexic attributes. If you think you might be eligible to use the sticker scheme, you should contact student support services staff at your Home Academic Partner. Further information is also available from the university’s dyslexia guidance page.