The University of the Highlands and Islands and Academic Partners operate a system of named Safeguarding Leads, with one in each institution. An up-to-date list of Safeguarding Leads and local Safeguarding Leads and Deputies can be found below. The Safeguarding Leads and other key staff make up the Safeguarding Group. The Group meets twice a year normally, or more regularly when the Safeguarding Policy and/or Procedures require to be updated.

We use a single policy and set of procedures which is locally approved by relevant bodies and contains contextualised information specific to the University or Academic Partner. Please contact the relevant Safeguarding Lead for a copy of the local policy or procedures.

InstitutionSafeguarding LeadSafeguarding Deputies
Argyll College Liz Richardson Elaine Munro
Highland Theological College Cathy Steed Blair Gardner
Inverness College Lindsay Ferries Heather Keyes, Claire Kilburn-Young
Lews Castle College Sonja Clark Morag MacLean
Moray College Heather Henderson  
NAFC Caroline Hepburn  
North Highland College Sophie Dunnett Anna Swanson
Orkney College Lynn Tait / Derek Aiken  
Perth College Deborah Lally  
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig Eilidh NicPhàdein  
SAMS Polly Crooks  
Shetland College Susan Berry  
West Highland College Lesley Hawkins Christine Blyth, Christine Harris, Val Matheson
University of the Highlands and Islands Iain Morrison Lyndsay MacColl