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What surveys will I need to complete?

The National Student Survey (February to April)

The National Student Survey (NSS) is a UK-wide survey which asks final year undergraduates about their experience on their course. Students on HND courses, or in the 3rd or 4th year of an undergraduate degree, are eligible to participate. It is administered by Ipsos Mori, an independent market research agency, and responses are anonymous.

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (February to April - postgraduate taught students only)

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) is the equivalent of the NSS for our students on postgraduate taught courses.  It is administered by the Higher Education Academy and responses are anonymous.  Eligible students will receive an email inviting them to participate. 

End of module/unit surveys (December/Jan and April/May)

These short surveys are issued at the end of each semester to everyone studying on an HN unit or degree module. They are an opportunity to give direct feedback to the teaching staff on your module or unit. These university-wide surveys are administered by the Learning and Teaching department and responses are anonymous.

Local surveys (various dates)

Academic Partners may also conduct their own surveys; usually concerning local facilities, events and services such as the library, induction and student support.

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