Apply for full time study through UCAS content

Apply for full time study through UCAS

From 6 July, new applicants will apply through the UCAS Clearing process.

Register and complete your UCAS application. There is no need to add a university or course choice at this stage. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a welcome email from UCAS, which allows you to access the Track system. This is where you will find your UCAS ID and Clearing number, which you will need when you contact us.

If you are waiting for exam results, contact us once you have received them or if you have any specific query.

If you already have the required entry qualifications or you wish to apply for recognition of other qualifications and experience, contact us as soon as you have your UCAS ID and Clearing number.

Contact us on 01463 279190 to discuss your options or message us and we'll get back in touch.