Winter Covid Hardship Fund

We have just been awarded time-limited funds to support ALL students who are struggling financially due to Covid-19, therefore, we ask that you initially apply for funding via the Winter Covid Hardship Fund.

The closing date for applications is 24 March 2021 however if you continue to experience hardship after this date, please submit an application to the Emergency Study Fund.

Emergency Study Fund

The fund is to help students who are

  • EU or International students, unable to return home 
  • Studying at Further Education or Higher Education level
  • In real hardship, struggling to pay their bills and/or have no money to pay for food 
  • Unable to study from home because they can’t afford the technical equipment to do so
  • Unemployed and have no other source of income


  • Please check your eligibility below
  • If eligible, then apply online
  • Applications are assessed by a panel comprising development office, student services and HISA staff
  • Financial support is delivered quickly and directly to eligible students 
  • We maintain contact with students to ensure they are continuing their studies


Are you a student struggling with your current IT equipment and/or have no access to the internet?

Are you an apprentice?

I am from Scotland or the UK

Please visit our Digital Poverty webpage which details the support on offer and who to contact.

I am from the EU or International

Apply to the Emergency Study Fund

Are you in financial hardship?

Are you an EU or International student?

Apply to the Emergency Study Fund

Please view the guidance document on discretionary funds. Discretionary funds can support students who have accessed all funding available to them and who are still in legitimate hardship. Funds can help students with rent, electricity, heating, and a loss of income due to Covid-19.

Are you eligible for discretionary funds?

Apply for discretionary funds

Apply to the Emergency Study Fund

You will not be eligible for this funding.