Scottish Land Commission (SLC) Prize


The Scottish Land Commission (SLC) is working to create a Scotland where everybody benefits from the ownership, management and use of the nation’s land and buildings.

We were created in April 2017 to drive forward the Scottish Government’s land reform agenda.  Our work is focussed on four key areas covering both urban and rural land:

  • Land for housing and development – We want to reduce constraints to redeveloping vacant and derelict land for housing and other productive uses, improve land supply for housing and stimulate a more active approach to developing land in the public interest.
  • Land ownership – The Land Commission will examine the impacts of scale and concentration of land ownership and tax policy, as well as reviewing the effectiveness of the Community Right to Buy mechanisms.
  • Land Use Decision-making – The Land Commission will seek to improve the quality and accountability of decision making, providing guidance where necessary.
  • Agricultural Holdings – We want to increase access to land for those who want to farm, improve the relationships between landowners and tenant farmers and stimulate the tenant farming sector.

The Commission is working on a number of exciting projects in our Programme of Work covering everything from land value tax to compulsory sales orders.  We are exploring issues, gathering evidence and sparking debate and understanding to develop new approaches to make the most of Scotland’s land.

The core values of the Commission are innovation, challenge, accountability and empowerment and as such we would like to put a call out to the academic community to provide input and contribute innovative ideas to approaching the work streams identified in our Programme of Work

To help us do this we are launching the Scottish Land Commission Prize - a new student prize worth £1,000 to encourage UHI students to get involved and contribute to the Commission’s work. The application form can be found here.

Please note this fund is not currently accepting applications.

The project selection criteria are:

  • Its relevance to the SLC’s areas of work
  • Its connection to your course and/or personal background
  • Its innovative and original approach
  • Its practicality and realism
  • Its learning outcomes