Discretionary and childcare funds

Discretionary and Childcare Funds are provided by SAAS each year and are administered by each partner. Please talk to student support staff at your partner for more information on your eligibility for these and other sources of funding.

If, like many of our students, you have dependent children who require childcare while you study, there may be help towards the cost through the Childcare Fund. At some UHI campuses there may be local childcare provision.

Childcare Fund

Support from the Childcare Fund is available for eligible full-time students and is aimed at assisting with the cost of childcare. The care must be with a registered childcare provider e.g. childminder, nursery or after school club. The Childcare Fund is an income-assessed non-repayable grant. Unfortunately, this fund is not available to postgraduate students or part- time undergraduate students, however, part-time undergraduate students may be eligible for financial help from the Discretionary Fund.

Discretionary Fund (for financial hardship)

This fund is an income-assessed, non-repayable grant for eligible students who can provide evidence of financial hardship. Students who have not taken out the full student loan and any other support to which they are entitled are not eligible to be considered for this fund. There are normally maximum amounts which can be allocated from this fund to an individual student.

It should be noted that the Discretionary Funds are there to assist students whose access to, or continuation in, education may be inhibited by financial considerations, or where students, for whatever reasons, including physcial or other disability, face financial difficulties.

Students in receipt of a Nursing and Midwifery Student Bursary are not eligible for assistance from the Discretionary Fund.

Full-time, part-time and postgraduate students (both taught and research) may apply to the Discretionary Fund.

Making an application

Please download or pick up an application form from your campus.

Applications must be made at the partner where you are enrolled. Please contact the student support team at your partner for help in making an application. You can also apply via the forms on UHI Records.

Further information