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Carnegie undergraduate vacation scholarships


Masters studentThe Carnegie Trust was established in 1901 with an aim to provide “funds for improving and extending the opportunities for scientific study and research in the Universities of Scotland”. The Trust is currently one of the largest educational giving charities in Scotland and operates across all academic disciplines, funding student fees, scholarships, bursaries and research grants.

The Vacation Scholarship Scheme can be applied for by Scottish students undertaking a degree course at any Scottish University. Applications will be considered from students who have shown exceptional merit and who would like to undertake a programme of independent study or research during the long vacation which is of direct benefit to their academic work.


1. Applicants must be of Scottish birth, or extraction (at least one parent born in Scotland), or schooling (attendance a Scottish secondary school for at least two years).

2. Applicants must be undergraduates of a Scottish university in the third year of their course at the time of applying (or an equivalent stage for students on a part-time programme).

3. Applicants are required to carry out a specific programme of work (attendance at conferences is excluded), either at the university they are attending or elsewhere. The programme will vary according to the field of study, but it should engage the candidate in full-time personal study or research.

4. The programme of work must be supervised by a member of staff at the university attended by the student. The supervisor can be a lecturer, reader or professor but graduate teaching assistants and/or hourly paid tutors cannot act as supervisors.

5. The supervisor should be familiar with the student’s academic record and with the topic of the proposed project. Supervisors are asked at the time of application to comment on the suitability of the project and on their own availability and willingness to monitor the student’s progress during the period of award.

6. The supervisor must ensure the student receives adequate training, meets all statutory requirements (including ethics committee approval, animal licences and requirements of regulatory authorities) for the work he, or she, will undertake, and follows the relevant health and safety policies.

7. Applications must be submitted through each university’s nominated contact. Each application must be graded by a Dean or equivalent officer before it is submitted by the nominated contact. Applications sent directly to the Trust by a student or a supervisor, or received without the Dean’s, or an equivalent officer’s grading will be automatically disqualified.

8. Students are expected to submit a brief report on their project to the Trust by the 15th of October in the year of award. Supervisors should also comment on the completed work. A report form is downloadable from the Trust’s website.

9. The Vacation Scholarship awards are not intended to compete with industrial or labour employment. The value of the Scholarship is £175 per week, with a minimum length of two weeks. The average length of a scholarship is six weeks but applications for eight week Scholarships may be considered at the discretion of the Trustees if a strong case for support is made at the time of applying.

10. Payment of the funds will be made directly to the University.


If you would like to apply, please complete the application form and return it to the University by Friday 14th March 2014.