Resubmission fees

UHI fees policy - when do I have to pay for resubmissions?

Information for students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

UHI fees policy applicable from 2012-13 :

If you fail a module at the first attempt, you will normally be offered an opportunity for reassessment during that academic year, often during the summer period. There will be no additional charge for the second attempt.

If you fail a module at the second attempt, you may be given a further opportunity for reassessment by repeating the module. This means you will be required to enrol on the module again, normally during the following academic year. You will be entitled to normal tuition and academic support.

You will be charged the modular fee, which will cover your third and fourth attempts at assessment. Your module mark will be capped (at 40% for undergraduate, 50% for postgraduate).

If you are required to repeat a module but believe you may have mitigating circumstances, you may apply to have the modular fee waived by submitting a claim via the normal mitigating circumstances process. Even if your modular fee is waived, your module mark may still be capped (at 40% for undergraduate, 50% for postgraduate), depending on the Exam Board's decision.

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