How to apply to UHI

Individual courses have their own entry requirements and you will find this information on individual course pages. You also need to make sure your English meets the proficiency level required by our regulations ( UHI English requirements).

Applying to UHI

The first step is to find the course and campus you are interested in, using our online course search. Once you have found your course, the next step is to apply. There are three routes to applying for a course :

1. Applying directly

You can apply directly to the University of the Highlands and Islands using the International application form. Please download and print the application form, then complete and return it to the address indicated. With this option we receive your application immediately.

We will also need your:

  • English Language Proficency certificate (See English Language Requirements),
  • Copies of high school diploma (for undergraduate course) or official degree certificate/diploma and transcripts.  Where the certificates are not in English, the student is required to provide an official certified transcript in English detailing the qualification.  We will accept photocopies at the stage of applying and will ask you to present us with the original documentation on your arrival.

If you are still not sure which college to apply to, please take a moment to go through our guide for international students, Why UHI? and read about living in the Highlands and Islands. Please do not hesitate to contact our International Office if you require further information.

2. Applying through an in-country representative

We have authorised representatives in many countries and applications can be routed through them. They will also assist in your visa application. These representatives should not charge a fee for either the university application or the visa application. If you have doubts about any representative's authenticity please contact

See our list of authorised representatives.

3. Applying through UCAS

If you are applying to more than one higher education institution or university in the UK, you should go through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

You will need to use the University of the Highlands and Islands institution code (H49) on your UCAS form, and indicate at which campus you wish to study.

You will need to register with UCAS and fill in the application online. The fee paid to UCAS is not refundable and will not be deducted from your fees once you are accepted on the course.

For research degrees : apply to the relevant campus

Applicants for full-time or part-time research degrees should apply directly to the UHI campus. For further information please email the Graduate School or visit the Graduate School website.