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We want to ensure all of our international students coming to study at one of our campuses get the support they need when finding accommodation.

If you are an international student looking for accommodation we are here to help and  you can contact UHI World, a dedicated international team who can liaise with staff at your chosen campus to assist you in finding suitable accommodation for your time studying with us in the UK.

The following campuses offer dedicated student accommodation :

  • Inverness College UHI
  • Lews Castle College UHI
  • NAFC Marine Centre UHI
  • Perth College UHI
  • Sabhal Mòr Ostaig UHI
  • Scottish Association for Marine Science UHI
  • West Highland College UHI

The average price for campus owned/sponsored student accommodation is £324.00 per month (these prices vary from campus to campus) and this typically includes all utilities and WiFi, some campuses also offer on-site catering to students whilst others have shared kitchen facilities.

For those campuses which do not have their own student accommodation or for students who prefer private rented accommodation you can get help from the UHI World team. Privately rented accommodation offers the opportunity to live on your own or with other students. From research carried out in 2013 the average monthly cost across all 13 campuses for renting a room in private accommodation was £259.00 per month excluding utility bills and WiFi. You may also need to pay/share the cost of local council tax however students may apply for an exemption; this would be your responsibility to check with your landlord and/or the local council.

More information on the accommodation offered at each campus and details of how to find privately rented accommodation.

There are some other accommodation options for you to consider as an international student which may be right for you, these include:

Host family (with meals provided)

This is where you can live with a family for the duration of your time studying with us. Most families will supply a single/shared bedroom along with your breakfast and an evening meal plus lunch at the weekends. A family setting can mean a traditional family with a mother, father and children, or a single person living on their own or many other variations. This option provides a great opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of people in Scotland and to practice your English (if English is not your first language) socially and at meal times.

You can liaise with your chosen campus to arrange accommodation with a host family. Alternatively you may want to try to contact Host UK and arrange your host family independently.

Host Family

Living with a family, but providing your own meals, so you will shop and cook for yourself. You will, of course, have access to washing and cooking facilities.