Entry requirements

You can apply if you are currently studying as an undergraduate student at an institution of higher education.

Students from Canada and USA should have a Grade Point Average at 2.7 or above. Students from other countries should have good pass grades for courses they have taken back at their home institution. If you are coming from a non major English-speaking country we will require English language certificates stating your level of English at satisfactory level.

  • Cover letter from your home institution,
  • Academic transcript with a brief description for each course completed at your home university,
  • English Proficiency Statement (if you are not a national of a majority English speaking country).

English language requirements

You will need a good level of English. If you are a non-native speaker, you should meet the standard requirements for all international degree students.

English requirements for degree courses.

Visa requirements

Whether you will need to apply for your student visa in advance of coming to the UK will depend on a number of factors.

Student visitor visa

Under current immigration rules, if you are not a visa national (for example, US citizen or Canadian), you do not have to apply in advance if you are coming for less then six months as a student visitor. You will however not be allowed to work, undertake unpaid placements or voluntary jobs.

If you are a visa national you will have to apply for a student visitor visa in advance. Check UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website to find out more.

Adult student (general) visa: tier 4

If you are a visa national, or if you are not a visa national but you are coming to study for more than six months and/or planning to work while studying, you will have to apply for a Tier 4 visa.

Note that immigration rules are subject to change and you should always check current regulations before you travel: UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

Further information for Exchange and Study Abroad students from Canada and the US.

Please ensure that you meet the requirements for living in the UK before coming here, and if you need a visa, you will find the necessary forms and guidance at the International Group website. You can always contact our International Office to get advice on visa requirements and application process.