International Exchange Programme

We are dedicated to providing our students with high quality, international opportunities that develop the knowledge and skills needed to become productive and successful members of the global community.

Our International Exchange Programme (IEP) is an exciting, challenging plunge into the academic life of another country. Going on an exchange is a great way to broaden your horizons and your understanding of other countries and societies.  Read about some of the benefits you'll be experiencing.

You will have the opportunity to develop highly marketable skills, and increase your business, technology and marketing skills in a different cultural setting.

A quarter of UK jobs are related to international trade. Language skills, business skills and cultural sensitivity are all key to the success and employability of our graduates.

For all those reasons we would encourage you to think of study abroad as an integral part of your course.

Exchanges are mainly taken in the 3rd year of study and are subject to the availability of your course at the host institution.