Ms Lesley Andrews

01463 279834


  • Member of Cochrane Nursing Care Field – contributing to the dissemination of research to the nursing community through publication.
  • Currently undertaking Healthcare Law and Ethics LLM with Dundee University


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  • PGCert Academic Practice  Open University
  • BSc Nursing Glasgow Caledonian University
  • PG Diploma Management Studies Glasgow Caledonian University

Professional bodies

  • NMC Registrant


  • Teach and assessing a wide range of subjects using varied approaches across the undergraduate nursing programme and post qualifying programme.
  • Contribute to curriculum development
  • Provide a campus contact point for students with disabilities
  • Administrative responsibilities including module development and timetabling
  • Provide academic and pastoral support to students


  • 15 year academic experience teaching and assessing a variety of subjects appropriate to nursing across a range of academic levels.
  • 25 years clinical experience in a variety of clinical settings including renal, intensive care and stroke rehabilitation. Had the opportunity in the latter part of my clinical career to take the lead nursing role in the development of new renal services for two health board areas.