Mrs Julie Munro

Research Assistant
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Julie Munro

Researcher: Exercise physiology - Physical activity and Health - Cardiac rehabilitation - Exercise and cancer - Health Behaviour - Physical activity in clinical populations


  • 10 years experience in health research Trials manager for NIHR funded multi-site trial
  • 13 Publications; 6 as lead author
  • Impact – Development of a community based physical activity programme for people recovering from breast cancer.
  • Grants: Co-applicant on 2 grants totaling £73,913 income.
  • Research gate: 13 publications; 963 reads; 116 citations; 25.37 Impact points



Hubbard G. Campbell A, Fisher A, Harvie M, Mullen R, Banks E, Gracey J, Gorely T, Munro J, Ozakinci G. Physical activity referral to cardiac rehabilitation, leisure centre or telephone delivered consultations in post-surgical people with breast cancer: A mixed methods process evaluation. Pilot and Feasibility studies, 2018 4:108

Hubbard G, Munro J, O’ Carroll R, Mutrie N, Kidd L, Haw S, et al. The use of cardiac rehabilitation services to aid the recovery of patients with bowel cancer: a pilot randomised controlled trial with embedded feasibility study. Health Serv Deliv Res 2016;4 (24).

Hubbard G; O'Carroll R; Munro J; Mutrie N; Haw S; Mason H; Treweek S. The feasibility and acceptability of trial procedures for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of a structured physical activity intervention for people diagnosed with colorectal cancer. BMC Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 2016, 2:51.

Hubbard G, Adams R, Campbell A, Kidd L, Leslie SJ, Munro J, Watson AJ. Is referral of postsurgical colorectal cancer survivors to cardiac rehabilitation feasible and acceptable? A pragmatic pilot randomised controlled trial with embedded qualitative study. BMJ Open2016;6:e009284 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-009284

Munro J; Fisher A; Campbell A ; Banks E; Ozakinci G; Mullen R; Harvie M; Haw S; Gracey J; Mutrie N; Hubbard G.

Exercise referral to fitness centre or cardiac rehabilitation for post-surgery breast cancer: A feasibility single-arm trial with embedded process evaluation (EFFECT): A study protocol. Pilot and Feasibility Studies (Under Review following revision)

Watson AJM, Hubbard G, Munro J, Adams R. PWE-279 Is use of cardiac rehabilitation an acceptable and feasible rehabilitation model for patients with colorectal cancer and is a randomised trial of this intervention also acceptable and feasible? Gut2015;64:A334-A335 doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2015-309861.725

Hubbard G, Campbell A, Davies Z, Munro J, Ireland A, Leslie SJ, Watson A, Treweek S. Experiences of recruiting to a pilot trial of Cardiac Rehabilitation In patients with Bowel cancer (CRIB) with an embedded process evaluation: lessons learned to improve recruitment. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. April 2015, 1:15

Munro J, Adams R, Campbell A, Campbell S, Donaldson C, Godwin J, Haw S, Kidd L, Lane C, Leslie SJ, Mason H, Mutrie N, O’Carroll R, Taylor C, Treweek S, Watson A, Hubbard G. CRIB—the use of cardiac rehabilitation services to aid the recovery of patients with bowel cancer: a pilot randomised controlled trial (RCT) with embedded feasibility study. BMJ Open 2014;4:e004684 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-004684

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Blair J*, Angus N, Leslie SJ (2011). Home based cardiac rehabilitation: A systematic review. Rural and Remote Health 11:1532 (online)

Blair J*, Angus N, Thompson DR, Leslie SJ (2010). Home-based cardiac rehabilitation: A review. British Journal Cardiac Nursing. Vol 5: 6, 286-291

* Blair – author maiden name. Now Munro


  • MSc Cardiac Rehabilitation-University of Essex-Sept 05 – Sept 06
  • BSc(Hon)Physiology&Sport Science-University of Glasgow-Oct 00 – May 04
  • Level 4 – Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist
  • British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation – Phase IV Exercise Instructor
  • The Angina Plan Project – Certified Angina Plan facilitator