Practice Learning


Practice learning makes up 50% of the undergraduate nursing curriculum, and it is therefore a fundamental part of the programme.

As a department of nursing within the University of Highlands and Islands, we have developed, and maintain, a number of well-established practice experiences across both NHS Highland and Western Isles health board areas. The geography of the practice areas require students to undertake some travel and time away from their home base at set periods during the programme.  In addition to these practice experiences, we also work closely with local councils, the third sector and voluntary health and social care agencies (both private and independent), who support and provide essential practice experiences for our undergraduate nursing programme. These experiences offer opportunities to develop practice in both adult and mental health fields, as well as alternative areas of practice including children, public health; including school nursing and health visiting, midwifery and learning disability care.

Practice learning opportunities are available in a wide variety of settings, these include hospital wards, care homes, people’s homes, amongst a number of other community and hospital based experiences. As we aim to prepare you for employment on successful completion of the programme, you will be expected to attend practice experiences across the 24 hour period and a 7 day calendar week, and this will include weekends and night duty.

Working closely with our health and social care partners, we have developed a number of support networks and strategies to ensure that you are able to work to meet the learning outcomes of the practice elements of the programme. The aim of practice learning experiences is to enable you to provide safe and effective care across a variety of practice areas.

Clinical Partners content

Clinical Partners

We support students in approximately 150 + clinical placement experiences across the Highland and Western Isles areas. We enjoy a very close working relationship with our clinical practice partners who include: