Entry requirements


Entry requirements for an online learning course with UHI are no different to those of any other University degree programme.

You must have the required qualifications or experience in order to be accepted. Entry requirements vary from programme to programme but can be found within the course ‘summary’ tab on every course page.

You must have regular and reliable access to the internet and a computer for any online degree at UHI. Without this you will be unable to take full advantage of our full range of online learning services which include support from your tutors and fellow UHI students as well as access to UHI’s Virtual Learning Environment and vast online learning library.

A few things that you’ll need for effective online study:

  • Basic computer literacy. Although 24 hour support is available to all online learning students, you should feel confident with computers, websites and using the Microsoft Office suite (Word / Excel / Power Point).
  • Self-discipline and organisational skills. You will need these skills to manage your online learning around your other commitments.
  • A space to study. An office at work, a spare room at home, a coffee shop - a space (with internet access) where you can focus on your online learning materials is essential.

If you have any questions about our online degree programmes or eligibility then please use the online learning enquiry form to contact us.