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Jasper Kenter

Principal Investigator in Ecological Economics, Scottish Association for Marine Scienceportraitclachnaben2.jpg


PhD University of Aberdeen, Ecological Economics 2014

BSc Aberystwyth University, Conservation 2010

Research interests

I have a broad research interest covering ecological and environmental economics, ecosystem services (particularly cultural services), environmental psychology, ethics, conservation, sustainable development, and environment-spirituality links. My main research focus has been on deliberative and participatory approaches to valuing ecosystem services, using both monetary and non-monetary tools. I currently work as MERIKA Lecturer in Ecological Economics at the Scottish Association for Marine Science. For my ongoing cross-disciplinary research in the Solomon Islands on environmental values, I have also received prizes from the European Society for Ecological Economics, the Society for Conservation Biology and the Geographic Field Group. Before moving to the UK, I worked as an environmental campaigner in the Netherlands, Iceland and elsewhere.

Key research topics that I am interested in include:

  • Participatory, deliberative and action research methods
  • Deliberative and non-monetary valuation of the environment
  • Shared and cultural values of ecosystem services
  • Social-ecological systems and social-ecological resilience
  • Social and cultural cumulative impacts of renewable energy
  • Social, cultural and spiritual capital, and the links and interactions between natural capital and other capitals
  • Redefining economic prosperity and growth

Publications (selection)

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T: 01631 559216

E: jasper.kenter@sams.ac.uk

Twitter: @JasperKenter