Access courses

If you have been away from study for some time, or don’t have the usual entry requirements for a HN or degree, we have a range of access courses for you to choose from.  Access courses introduce you to higher education study and provide you with the skills to successfully complete a HN or degree qualification.  Many also have subject - specific content so you will be studying the subject of your interest during the access year.  You can see how access courses fit into the , and how they link to other university courses.


Access to History degree programmes

The Christian Theology Access course, provided by Highland Theological College UHI is accepted as an access course to the following history degree programmes with the University:

BA (Hons) History

BA (Hons) History and Archaeology

BA (Hons) History and Literature

BA (Hons) History and Theology

BA (Hons) Scottish History

BA (Hons) Scottish History and Archaeology

BA (Hons) Scottish History and Literature

BA (Hons) Scottish History and Theology

The course may be studied from home, or on campus at Highland Theological College UHI.  Course details



Access to Humanities (SWAP)

Available at Perth College UHI

If you would like to get the benefits a Higher Education can bring, this course is for you. As well as proving your academic credibility, it will develop the skills you need to progress to a wide range of HNC, HND or degree courses.  Core skills are an essential part of this course and you will study English, I.T. and mathematics.  You will also take SQA Higher subjects relevant to your future study and intended career, choosing from psychology, history, politics and geography.  The course allows progression to humanities degree programmes at the University, and at other institutions and is offered through SWAPCourse details.


Access to Nursing (SWAP)

Available at Perth College UHI

This course is for adults who have been out of full-time education for at least three years and who want to enter a degree programme in nursing or progress into health and social care.  This course is a SWAP (Scottish Wider Access Programme) where it will help you to develop the skills you need to progress into Higher Education.

On completion you may apply to Nursing degree courses.  You can also apply for our HNC Social Care, HNC Care and Administrative Practice or HNC/BA Social Sciences courses.  Course details.


Access to Science, Technology and Health-Related Degrees (SWAP)

Available at Perth College UHI

This course provides you with an ideal introduction to a career in science, technology, biotechnology or in health related studies.  As well as an excellent grounding in a variety of scientific fields, it will also give you the skills and knowledge you need to have before you can go to university. This course allows progression to science, technology, environment and health - related degree programmes at the University.  Course details.


Access to Christian Theology

Available at Highland Theological College UHI or study from home.

The access course may be used as an entry route before embarking on the BA (Hons) Theological Studies programme. Course modules include: Study Skills for Theology, Biblical Theology, Introduction to Systematic Theology, Introduction to the History of Christianity and Introduction to Pastoral Theology.


NC and NQ access courses

Almost all UHI colleges have a wide selection of NC (National Certificate) and NQ (National Qualification) courses.  NC and NQ courses are first level courses.  As such no previous knowledge of your chosen subject is required.  The typical entry requirements for an NQ or NC course is 3 or 4 Standard Grade passes at a level 3 or above, however for some NQ and NC courses no formal qualifications are required.  They are usually made up of three National Unit Credits and an external assessment.  One Unit Credit is equivalent to 40 hours of learning.  Most will require one year of study.  On successful completion of the course students can choose to progress on to either a Higher National Certificate (HNC), Higher National Diploma (HND), or degree course with the University.  Please check the website of your chosen to find out which NC and NQ courses are available, and which HN or degree courses you may progress onto upon completion.


Non–certificated study

If you already have the usual entry requirements for your chosen course, but need to brush up on your study skills to work at higher education level, UHI has a dedicated online study skills course you can take.  Skills 4 Study is available on our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to Blackboard], and covers all the essential skills needed for successful study at university.  There are no exams or tests, and you may study this non – certificated course at any time, and at your own pace, online.  Simply visit the VLE and click on ‘Course catalogue’ and ‘Induction’.  Skills 4 Study will appear on the list.