Gaelic language plan | 2023 2026 | Using Gaelic more often by more people and in a wider range of situations | 3 photos collage with UHI SMO student playing violin | a highland coo | Landscape of Hopeman Moray

Our priorities in Gaelic

  • Affirms our core responsibility to support the use of Gaelic in informal and community settings, especially but not exclusively in traditional Gaelic communities
  • Will strengthen the use of Gaelic across our academic partnership
  • Reflects the high public and political profile of Gaelic in Scotland, and our clear public responsibility to enthusiastically respond to this
  • Encompasses the academic partnership, whilst recognising Sabhal Mòr Ostaig’s distinct role as the National Centre for Gaelic Language and Culture
  • Enhances elements of Gaelic further and higher education and research and knowledge exchange activities
Raonaid Urchadan | studying on UHI Gaelic Media DipHE at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

The plan also aligns with our new strategic plan. A fundamental part of our mission is to drive co-created education and research, enhanced by our unique landscape, heritage and cultures. This will harness our energy and set new ambitions across five key strategic themes: teaching, learning and student support; research and innovation impact; enterprise and growth; environmental sustainability; and operational excellence. We will champion Gaelic language and culture in our communities through curriculum, research and student experiences and recognise and support the linguistic and cultural diversity across our regions.

Vicki Nairn, UHI Interim Principal and Vice-Chancellor


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Collage of 4 images | students in UHI Perth doing musical performance | a male student in class | Areal shot of UHI Inverness | Areal shot of UHI SMO

Our core commitments

1. Teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange

  • Enhancing the place, visibility and usage of Gaelic within UHI’s core business teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange, including a commitment to proactively engaging with the traditional Gaelic speaking communities.

2. Teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange (continued) - The student experience

  • Ensuring that the student experience affirms the principle of equal respect for Gaelic and English

3. Corporate communications

  • Promoting the bilingual identity of UHI

4. Staffing

  • Encouraging and supporting all staff, regardless of their role, and wherever they are employed within the UHI partnership, to acquire and develop Gaelic language skills