Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine Programme (ScotGEM)


We are a partner in the delivery of ScotGEM, a unique and innovative 4-year graduate entry medical programme tailored to meet the contemporary and future needs of NHS Scotland.

ScotGEM : Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine

ScotGEM is designed to develop doctors interested in a career as a generalist practitioner within NHS Scotland but with a focus on rural medicine and healthcare improvement.

The course capitalises on the existing strengths of medical teaching in the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews and local health boards in Fife and Tayside. In addition, collaborations with the University of the Highlands and Islands and its School of Health, Social Care and Life Sciences, NHS Highland, and NHS Dumfries and Galloway enables a truly distinctive programme offering training that is ideal for those interested in a career as a generalist practitioner (GP, general surgeon etc). 

Patient and doctor

The ScotGEM programme is tailored to the specific needs of graduates, taking account of the experience acquired during their initial degree and includes extended opportunities to train in remote and rural areas. The first 55 ScotGEM students started in September 2018.

Further detailed information on the ScotGEM application process and deadlines, curriculum, teaching approaches, fees and bursaries can be found on the University of St Andrews ScotGEM course page.

Any UHI students interested in ScotGEM should please contact in the first instance to find out how we could support you.