Research, innovation and consultancy

Research content


Alongside teaching, one of the main areas of work undertaken by any university is research. You can work with our experts to help develop new products or processes for your organisation, develop intellectual property and help the technical aspects of your business flourish.

By working with our research teams you can not only benefit your business but also give students and their professors and tutors an opportunity to see how their work can benefit the wider community.

Innovation content


The University of the Highlands and Islands encourages both collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between ourselves and businesses, local authorities, professional bodies, charities and the wide range of other stakeholders in our region and beyond. This is to ensure that those organisations are supported to grow, become more innovative and productive, while at the same time accessing the skills that they need to achieve this

As a university, we also encourage partnership working and are always happy to consider working jointly with others to help bring innovative solutions to issues that may present themselves in business or day to day life. One example of such collaboration is our involvement in the Scottish Rural Health Partnership.

If you have problem that needs solving, need some technical assistance with a new project or think that we can bring our expertise to your organisation or group to help you move forward, please get in touch via

Consultancy content


Differing from research in that it’s much less collaborative, you can engage our experts to work for you on a consultancy basis. By doing this, you can tap into world class expertise to help get the answers you need, all within a commercial relationship. The benefit for us is that this brings us income to help the university to expand its work.